It’s been a minute since my last log but through a little bit of frustration, I think I’ve found my way again.

Iron/Copper Overload

I’ve mentioned before that I created a smelting station and it’s working out really well, getting iron and copper to various places around my world. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. It was just a little bit of a struggle to get the train rails in the right place, signals placed properly, and just to make sense over all. Do things have an entrance and exit? Do all the trains have a place for a turn around if needed?

Main Bus Problems

I can’t say that I’ve ever built a large base like this that has SO much going on at one time, therefore I’m being introduced to many new issues. The biggest one right now is that my main bus is struggling in a few different areas, specifically in iron and copper. Even though I have trains bringing in tons of iron and copper on blue belts throughout my entire main bus, it’s still not enough. Why? There are three main reasons. First, one belt of iron or copper in your main bus is just not enough, not even close. Secondly, you must plan way ahead for giant tasks. If I were to have thought about it a little more and planned bigger, I would have ran 3-4 full belts of iron and copper each, balancing it along the way, thus solving the problem. Finally, I did not give every belt in the main bus space. Did you know that Factorio’s world is infinite, meaning you have ALL the room in the world to build your creations? Yeah, I tend to forget that and cram a bunch of stuff into a small place.


To Do List Mod

If you didn’t know, there is a To Do List mod for Factorio and it’s awesome!

What’s Next?

At this point and with the fact that my main bus is maxed out, the current main base is going to have to be “frozen” for new things. I’ve finalized this base by building/automating some Modules, Roboports, and Blue Balancers and Tunnels. That’s it, it’s done. Now that I have robots ready, I think that I’m going to start utilizing them a little more. However, I may just startup a new base and do things the right way this time. Research is getting down to just the last round of things and then that will be maxed out, so I’ll be ready to start building rockets in the next few weeks!

I just want to make sure that some things are upgraded, not only from red to blue logistics, but also design and efficiency. I want to start utilizing Beacons and Assembling Machines 3 to really get Efficiency and Speed Modules in the works, maxing out my belts and just making things easier to look at.