I didn’t get a whole bunch of time today to work on the factory today, however I did manage to do the following items:

  • Finished running lines for all liquids to the oil train depot.
  • Each liquid has a pickup and dropoff point; I am using 1-2 trains to do everything as the train network is getting a bit cluttered.
  • Had to add more train signals to keep things from getting locked up. I was wondering why things weren’t moving along…

Let’s talk about filtering. As I mentioned in yesterday’s log, I am using Balancers to intake any and everything from the other bases, then filter them. I learned pretty quickly that in order to properly filter things, get ready to lay a ton of Balancers to make it all work correctly. It also unveiled another issue: don’t use Fast Inserters when unloading your trains. If your goal is to keep things organized, either use Filter Inserters OR use a Circuit Network/Logic to even distribute items. I haven’t done this yet, but I may have to think about it going forward. The issue with this is that if a train is unloaded Fast Inserters and Red Belts, the Inserters unloading the train will most likely pick more of one item than the other, just depending on how it was loaded (I assume). You will end up with a solid, long belt of one item and none of the other.

This leads me to how I’m going to organize the new base: I think I’m going to create a MASSIVE main bus for the entire thing to run off of. My initial and oil processing bases can create some things to get carried into the new base, while I bring in iron and copper plates, and stone bricks via another train depot.

I’ve also noticed that I’m going to have to beef up the iron and copper inputs in my initial base because the main bus in it is suffering. Is there a way to balance out the main bus to make sure that modules down the line get some iron? Can’t say that I’ve ever figured that out . . . I’m assuming that I would have to use a circuit network and bunch of other stuff to figure that one out…..

Research is going on behind the scenes while I prep and fix things.

It’s just another one of those things that I need time to build up and fix basic problems before moving forward with Purple Science and Blue Circuits. Man, I want the exoskeleton and fast running so bad…..

This is day 15 of #100DaysToOffload.