I’ve been reading and watching a lot online about emacs over the years, so I thought I would give it a try here on my MacBook Air. In fact, this post was written in emacs!

I decided to start my journey with Doom emacs since it has built in packages and features for the noobs like me.

So far, I feel like emacs is like someone elses take on VIM, which isn’t a bad thing. There is a lot that this app can do and I’m excited to try it out. I like that there are keyboard shortcuts that actually make sense. I’m also not super familiar with working the way that emacs wants me to. For example, I’m used to GUI tools or if I use Neovim, I just use a single buffer at a time as I don’t really have a need to have multiple buffers going at the same time; tmux helps a lot with anything I need with multiple files to jump between.

I still want to do a little customization to Doom emacs, maybe even look around online for some inspiration.

Let’s see how emacs can work for me.

This is day 8 of #100DaysToOffload.