One project that I’ve tried to do over the last two years is make the transition from Windows 10 to Linux for my gaming needs. The problem that I typically faced over time came down to things like drivers, game performance, and GamePass capability. I’ve tried a few times with distros like Manjaro and EndeavourOS, but they always had issues with Bluetooth or random CPU spikes, which effected game performance. I will even admit that I downloaded games from the “high seas” to try them out or to have a DRM free copy of a game that I paid for, but the problem was that the custom installer, I could never get running via Lutris or Wine (manually). Each attempt always had me coming crawling back to Windows 10 each time; I refuse to put Windows 11 on my gaming PC.

I posted a call out to the Fediverse yesterday about which distro should I go to just for simple gaming and the ability to run utilities like MakeMKV, to which someone answered a new distrot that I have never heard of before: Naboro Linux. Apparently the guy who does builds of Proton called “GloriousEggroll” created his own distro that had all of the necessary drivers and goodies baked in! It’s based on Fedora Linux, which I’ve never really used before.

The install was super simple and it immediately provides you with some one-click scripts to update the system, download the latest NVIDIA drivers and codecs, and even install drivers for XBOX One Controllers and adapters. I had everything ready to start downloading games within a matter of 30-45 minutes and very little effort. I did, however, run into an issue when trying to get MakeMKV installed, but I found out that it was available in a FlatPak after I went through the hassle.

I really don’t do a lot of PC gaming anymore, but I do like to pick up some older titles like Doom Eternal, Lawn Mowing Sim, Factorio, Cities Skylines, etc, every now and then. Really looking forward to seeing how this install does over time.

The bad part is that I did all of this on my spare SSD. If I were to completely blow away my M.2 drive (Windows 10 currently) and go 100% with Naboro, I would have to start all over. Not a huge problem, it would just take time to get it to where I want it.

This is day 10 of #100DaysToOffload.