Factorio Log 42423

Much was done today, very roughly.

Nuclear Launch!

I hand created a single reactor with 7 steam turbines last week, but was finally able to get it started today with the first bit of nuclear fuel. I got Sulfuric Acid barreled up and transported over to the Uranium patch, dug up some Uranium and started processing for fuel creation. Things heated up pretty slowly but it didn’t take long. The funny thing is that I’ve laid so many solar panels that while day time, neither nuclear nor steam do anything because the solar power is running everything! That won’t last long, I’m sure.

Smelting Base

I found a really awesome design for tileable smelting stations via Katherine of Sky that is ratio perfect. It takes 48 Steel Furnaces to take on a full Red Belt of Iron or Copper Ore, and wow, this setup can pump out plates! The next challenge is to get the plates to various bases around the map without becoming a hassle or slowing things down. One item that I’ll definitely need before going any further is Stack Inserters so I can load and unload Train Wagons as fast as possible! Looks like I’ll go back to the new base and get those building sooner than later.

Stability and Stashes

Obviously a few things have been suffering the last week and some major shifts are happening with Iron and Copper plates, so I’m trying to take the time to go through each of my bases, make sure that nothing is suffering, oil ratios are correct (logic via pumps), or that I just simply didn’t abandon a project. That seems to happen from time to time. Once I feel that I can, I will continue to proceed on starting some late game items like Yellow Science, Roboports, Rocket stuff, etc. Speaking of robots…

Drones . . . Finally!

I held off way too long on this one. I started to build some Flying Robot Frames at the new base just so I can have some help with copying and pasting items that I’m building. The drones sure do make things much, much easier when throwing down solar plant tiles (Solar Panels and Accumulators) or just copying a train unload pattern. It will be a while before I get Logistic Network going but the Personal Roboport and Drones are super nice. Surprisingly my Personal Battery and Solar Panels for my Power Armor are handling everything well!

This is Day 19 of #100DaysToOffload.