Factorio Log 42023

Today, I continued to wrestle with some filtering and “flow” issues as all the items come into the base. But I had an epiphany about my awesome logic idea for train unloading. If I have 4 Inserters unloading from the buffer chests to the belts, why not just do all Filter Inserters, half for one item and half for the other? Not only does it solve the same issue, but it’s easier and much cleaner. Sometimes you have a great idea and then realize the answer wasn’t so complicated.

For the filtering, I had a few lines getting a little mixed up but it was easy to fix the input flow.

New items that I started building out today were Productivity Modules, Electric Furnaces, Electric Engine Units, and Blue Science Packs. You may notice that Blue Science Packs should have already been done, however, I ripped up the infrastructure at the Oil Processing Base in order to move it to the new base. Blues are being pumped out as planned now, so the next step is going to be a bit of a lift: getting all Science Pack production and Research Labs into the new base! I’ll have to stop all Science Pack production and find a way to get existing packs to the local train depot for delivery, then rebuild production (all colors) at the new base in a more compact, efficient layout.

And at last, I finally produced Power Armor, Personal Batteries and 3 Exoskeletons. This is one of the best upgrades because you can go extremely fast, even on grass and dirt! So much nicer than hoping in a car and running into trees . . .

More tomorrow.